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Time to start blogging

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I have finally (finally!!!!!) got around to re-doing my website so it is ‘blog friendly’. Well, I say finally. I did it a couple of months ago and have been procrastinating about writing my first blog ever since. Obviously.

Just like I was at school. Could never get started on the homework. Once I actually decided to do it, I could prattle out an essay with ease. But getting started? I never know how. Oh, there’s so many other things to do first. Much more important things. Like the washing up, or plucking my eyebrows.

So this first blog will be crap. Just a brain dump of crap while I watch Teletubbies with my daughter (Suddenly blogging seems like a good idea compared to watching Tinky Winky and gang). And the subsequent blogs will be much more interesting. I hope. I have a list somewhere, and an even bigger list in my head.

So why blog if I would prefer to be doing the washing up I hear my readers ask? Well family members (because that’s who will be reading this), it’s because blogging is a very important part of getting your website found by people. Although I will obviously be aiming to write fascinating articles that people will find interesting, ultimately it’s to make sure my website gets found. Because that’s why I have a website. So people find me, and consider booking my services.

But hopefully a benefit of this blog will be that some people will enjoy what I write. Some of the tips and advice I plan to write about will help people take nice photos of their kids. Some readers can get to know a little more about me before booking me as their photographer, so they know they are choosing the right person. And my Nan will comment on them all, telling me how wonderful I am (because that’s what a Nan does, and thank you in advance Nan!)

Thank you for reading! I’d best get back to Teletubbies. Edie’s shouting about bubbles.

P.s. Dad, a blog is an online public diary. Before you look over at Anna and say “WTF is a blog”.

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