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Free Photoshoots for Charities


Back at the start of the 2023, I was walking past a charity who I know does amazing work. And I noticed their marketing images were pretty limited. And I KNOW small charities are not in a position to pay a photographer to come along and take photos for their websites and leaflets etc, and it got me thinking.

I’d had a few small charities join my free marketing courses over the last three years (the freebie ones that I run every new year). And I LOVED being able to help them. It’s a great way to support a charity. It’s nice to throw them a few quid here and there, but actually… giving them help to enable them to get MORE support from lots of donors and volunteers is so much more beneficial.

So I decided that this year, I would dedicate some time to working with charities.


And so, my Free Photoshoots for Charities scheme was born! 

I can help with their website images by providing a free photoshoot, and while I’m there, I can chat about any marketing struggles they have if they're a small charity that doesn't have that kind of help. I think it’ll be about every 3-4 months or so I do one, depending on my availability.


The plan is for anyone wanting to apply for a free photoshoot for their charity to fill out an application form (linked below) and when I have availability, I'll go through the applications and choose one that I can help and contact them to offer the free shoot (and if the timing isn't suitable for them I can always offer it to one of the other applicants). I'm just going to keep it pretty simple. 


Who can apply for this?

The offer is available to charities based in South Devon only. It's all about supporting local charities and, as it's free, it does need to be local to limit the amount of travel time. 


Larger charities with bigger budgets are welcome to apply as it's open to all charities, but priority will always be given to charities who have limited funds and need it the most (and will benefit the most from it).

Full terms and conditions for the offer are outlined below, and you must read them through before applying. The key points though are:

  • You must be a registered Charity based in South Devon

  • You need to fill out the application form, and you’ll be contacted when a space comes up (which could be soon, or it could be in a few months time, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for an email)

  • As it’s a freebie, I do ask that you kindly credit me as the photographer who took the photos when they are used. This is not always possible, but where it is possible, please do so (for example, by tagging me as the photographer on social media, or by saying “photography by Fran Minifie Photography and adding my website address to any web pages this can be done on).


So if you'd like to apply, please click on the link below to fill out an application form. Your application will be added to a file and when a space becomes available, a charity will be selected from the applications on file to get the free shoot.

Free Websites For Charities from Falcon Digital

I have also recently started to collaborate with a local Website Design Agency, Falcon Digital, who offer Free Websites for Charities. So if your charity is in need of a website as well as photography then please do check them out too - click here to visit their website and find out more.

Apply for Free Photography for your charity

If you'd like to apply to get a free photoshoot for your Charity, fill out the form below


Don't forget to read those T&C's...

Offer Terms and Conditions

Naturally there are Terms and Conditions for this offer. Please read through in full them before filling out an application form

Terms and Conditions - Charity Photoshoot Offer


1. Eligibility:

   1.1 The charity organization must be registered and recognized as a non-profit entity in their respective country.

   1.2 The charity must operate within ethical guidelines and must not engage in any illegal activities.

   1.3 The charity must have a clear mission statement and objectives that align with the principles of the offer.

   1.4 The giveaway is open to charities in South Devon only.


2. Entry Process:

   2.1 To participate in the offer, the charity must submit a formal entry via an online form.

   2.2 The entry must include the charity's name, contact details for the main point of contact, and a brief description of how a photoshoot would benefit their cause and how the photos would be used.

   2.3 All entries will be filed and up for selection when the time comes for each photoshoot beneficiary to be chosen.


3. Selection Process:

   3.1 All valid entries will be reviewed by the photographer, Fran Minifie, owner of Fran Minifie Photography, who is running this offer.

   3.2 The decision will be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection process.

   3.3 The selected charity will be contacted via the email address provided if/when they are selected for a free photoshoot. This could be soon after your entry, or many months after your entry, depending on when a space becomes available. It is recommended that you save the email address to your email address book to avoid emails going into junk/spam folders.


4. Photoshoot Details:

   4.1 The date, time, and location of the photoshoot will be determined mutually between the selected charity and Fran Minifie Photography.

   4.2 The duration of the photoshoot will be agreed upon, taking into account the charity's requirements, travel time, logistical constraints and the Photographer’s availability. But it is most likely to be approximately 1 hour.

   4.3 The selected charity is responsible for arranging any additional props, models, or specific requirements for the photoshoot, at their own expense.

   4.4 The charity understands and agrees that the photoshoot may involve public exposure and media coverage, and grants permission for the images to be used for promotional purposes. The Charity is also encouraged to use the photoshoot for any public exposure or media coverage of their own if they feel it would benefit them.


5. Liability and Indemnity:

   5.1 The charity acknowledges that participation in the photoshoot is voluntary and at their own risk.

   5.2 The charity agrees to release and hold harmless the Photographer, including any employees, agents, and affiliates, from any liability or claims arising from participation in the offer or the photoshoot.

   5.3 The charity agrees to indemnify and defend the photographer against any third-party claims, including legal fees, arising from the charity's participation in the offer or the photoshoot.


6. Publicity and Promotion:

   6.1 The selected charity agrees to cooperate with the photographer in publicity efforts related to the offer, including but not limited to, interviews, photographs, and press releases.

   6.2 The selected charity agrees to mention the giveaway and the photographer in any promotional materials related to the charity's activities where the offer is mentioned, or where the pictures are used, where appropriate. This includes ‘tagging’ on social media, and including the photographer’s name and website URL on websites where the photos are used in order to credit the photographer.


7. Modification or Termination:

   7.1 The photographer reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer or any part thereof at their sole discretion.

   7.2 In the event of termination, the photographer shall not be liable to the selected charity or any third party.


By participating in the giveaway, the charity organization acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with these terms and conditions.



Helen - Easytots

Fran has managed to provide a perfect solution to my content requirements for product and lifestyle shots, without having to physically meet. I have been happy at the level and quality of service on all levels and I believe we will be long term clients


Jenny - Baking Jems

the pictures give a more professional look to my business when I use them to advertise my products and this has tended to generate more interest in my page


Claire - EZ Sip

Having a bank of photos provides you with not only content for your social media, but also provides a cohesive feel to your website and marketing materials... they give the business a much more professional look and fit with our brand perfectly, providing a similar look and feel across all our images

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