© 2018 by Fran Minifie


I live in Bristol with my husband, crazy daughter and beautiful German Shepherd. The rest of my family live in Torbay, South Devon (my hometown) where we also spend a lot of time.  

I first studied photography at A-Level, armed with my Grandfather's old Olympus SLR, and fell in love with the magic of messing around in the Darkroom. I continued with it at university as part of studying for a BA in Media studies and mostly concentrated on landscapes.  

For the years afterwards, I continued to love take my photos, irritating my friends and family snapping away with a compact camera or phone, but photography as a hobby took a backseat. I moved in front of the camera alongside my day job working in marketing, and learnt a huge amount from the many brilliant photographers I worked with over the years.  

Fast forward to the birth of my daughter, and I had the urge to pick up the camera again. Sadly my grandfather's SLR is outdated in the digital age, so I bought a Digital SLR and started playing, rediscovering my love of photography.   

I've moved on to portraiture, and my subjects are mostly my daughter, my dog, family and friends. I've become more of a documentary style photographer. I love to capture everyday life, using natural light.