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Marketing Help for your Small Business


Are You......


  • Starting out on your own, trying to launch your own business or side hustle?

  • Just trained up with a new skill, but don't know how to get customers?

  • Got your own small business but struggle to know what to do with online stuff?

  • Need to update your website or get help with marketing yourself on social media?

  • Heard of things like SEO and have no idea what it means, how it works and why you need it?


I can help!

I have worked in marketing for years. I've worked for agencies, companies, launched brands and new businesses and I love doing it. While now my main focus is photography, I still have a huge passion for marketing and do marketing consultancy work for small businesses alongside my business photography.

When I have been working with small, new businesses to get images for the websites they're building, or to get started on social media, I find so many brilliant entrepreneurs have no idea how to get themselves online and start finding customers.


You might be a Builder, Aesthetician, own a Hotel, B&B, Cafe or Restaurant - whatever you do, you're good at that thing. But it but that doesn't mean you know how to do all the other aspects of your business. I can help you work out how to get your business found by your ideal customers, and undestand how best to market your business yourself, now and in the future.


Get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how I can help in a way to suit your business and budget. 


Or dive straight in with one of my courses!


DIY Your Personal Brand

A Free 5 Day course helping you to design your very own Brand Guidelines for your Business or Personal Brand


121 Marketing Advice Session

Marketing advice tailored for your business. This session starts with an online questionnaire to tell me more about your business, followed by a 30 minute 121 session via Zoom where I take you through my findings based on your answers and my research.


10 Week Marketing Basics

A 10 week online course, where we talk about how you can DIY yor Online presence for your business, covering Ideal Clients, Brand, Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Facebook Ads and much more!


Becky - Spick and Spaniel

Fran has recently helped me with marketing and branding my new business. Not at all my area of expertise - very much hers! I have learned a LOT from Fran and her help and guidance around all elements of marketing a small business have been absolutely invaluable. For help with any area of marketing your business - you need Fran in your life!


Lindsey - Loops Crochet Creations

I have just completed a course on business branding with Fran and to say it was a help is an understatement! I learnt so much in just a week and any struggles I had was met with help and support. Can not recommend enough. I can’t wait to take my business to the next level! Thank you Fran


Laura - Coast Hair Design

Fran has helped me beyond belief with my business and the marketing side of it all. She’s so approachable and has a wealth of information to transport any business to another level. I can’t recommend Fran enough, if you need any advise or guidance with your online presence or marketing then give her a shout

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