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Product Photography


If you sell products online, you need photos of them. Not just for your Social Media posts, but your website, and other selling platforms such as Etsy, Amazon Marketplace, Not On The High Street etc.  


And if you want your products to stand out from the crowd, mobile phone snapshots don’t aren't going to cut it. 


Some people are awesome at taking their own product photos, but don’t have time. Some really struggle to get good pictures, and need a bit of help.


If you’d like to find out more about how I can help your business with Product Photography, and to get an idea of costs for your products, please get in touch for a quick, no obligation chat.  


Product Photography By Post

During the first covid lockdown, I started working with a couple of businesses by offering Product Photography by Post - and it worked so brilliantly I have continued the service. It takes all the hassle out of getting good quality photos of your products. Just post them to me, and I deliver a folder full of images suited to where you need to use them (and post back the products to you once finished). 


And if you’re local to Torbay, collection or drop off can also be arranged.  


It really is that simple.  


Let's hear what the professionals think...


Helen - Easytots

Fran has managed to provide a perfect solution to my content requirements for product and lifestyle shots, without having to physically meet. I have been happy at the level and quality of service on all levels and I believe we will be long term clients


Jenny - Baking Jems

the pictures give a more professional look to my business when I use them to advertise my products and this has tended to generate more interest in my page


Claire - EZ Sip

Having a bank of photos provides you with not only content for your social media, but also provides a cohesive feel to your website and marketing materials... they give the business a much more professional look and fit with our brand perfectly, providing a similar look and feel across all our images

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