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More help for Charities with Falcon Digital Collaboration

This morning I had a meeting with Falcon Digital – a website design agency based in Newton Abbot (although they’re moving to Exeter soon!) to talk about my Free Photoshoots for Charities scheme.

I was browsing Facebook last week and spotted a post about how they offer free websites for charities, and I immediately got in touch. It looked like a great opportunity to collaborate and offer more to those we were both already helping.

So I met up with Charlie Penny, a Director at Falcon Digital, to talk more about what they offer to charities and what I offer, and to see how we could complement each other.

We’ve both got into it for the same reason. Not because it’s a benefit to our businesses (although there are some benefits), but because we both genuinely want to help and support charities. There are so many wonderful charities out there working so hard to make the world a better place, with so many volunteers giving up their time to make that happen. And we are in a great position to help them.

Genuinely what they are offering is wonderful. They will build a website and offer digital marketing advice to any UK based Charities or CIC’s. They’re re-investing their team and financial assets into helping their community, and it’s not too good to be true, or any kind or trick, it’s a genuine offer. So far they’ve helped 22 charities and CIC’s and they have plenty more applications to work through.

But what they don’t have is Photography to offer to these charities for their websites, and as I’ve already found (and was the reason for starting up my scheme), many of these charities simply don’t have the budget to pay for photography for their websites. And while I’m not in a position to help charities across the whole of the UK like they can, for almost a year now I have been offering local, South Devon Charities with free photoshoots, so it’s definitely something I can get involved with.

So I hope this is the start of a great collaboration with them. They’re going to add information about my Free Shoots for Charities scheme on their website so when a local charity applies for one, they will see the option to get a free photoshoot for it too. And likewise, I’m going to share their offer on my website, so if any charities who are reading about my scheme also need a website, they can apply for one from Falcon Digital. I’ll also be chatting to any of the charities I work with in the future about it as it really is such a great opportunity.



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