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Mother’s Day competition - Win A Family Photoshoot worth £100 (and a £25 voucher 2nd prize).

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Tag a mum who deserves to win!

Nominate a special mum to win a family photoshoot worth £100 this Mother’s Day, and the person who nominated them will also get a prize - a £25 voucher!

Whether it’s a special friend, mother-in-law, sister, wife or your own mum, they can win a photoshoot if their choice worth £100. A great gift for Mother’s Day!

To enter, nominate them by tagging them in the comments of the Instagram and Facebook posts. And feel free to add why you’re nominating them. I’d love to hear how amazing you think the mums in your life are and why you want to spoil them (And you can nominate more than one!).

The competition is running on both Instagram and Facebook, and you can enter on both to double your chances of winning.

Be sure to follow my Facebook page and Instagram too, not only to see who’s won, but to hear more about future completions and the launch of my free taster sessions.

The winner will be announced on Facebook and Instagram on Mother’s Day evening at about 9pm.

All the nomination names will go into a draw, and whichever name wins, the person who nominated them will also get a prize. A £25 voucher which can be used towards a photoshoot, or spent on photos from a free taster session (more on those later!).

The photoshoot will take place within the Torbay area, so please only enter/nominate a winner who either lives in the area or will be willing to travel to the area to enjoy their prize. Family members are of course exempt from winning a prize (they get enough pictures anyway).

So get cracking! Nominate some brilliant mums (yes, you can nominate more than one!) who deserve to win this. Let’s spread some cheer in all this bleak news.

A note about Corona Virus

The prize can be claimed for up to a year after being won, as we don’t yet know how this situation will pan out.

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