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Free Photoshoot Taster Sessions

I’ve decided to try out a new service for my photography business - Free Photoshoot Taster Sessions!

How Does It Work?

This is a free photoshoot day. It is divided into 15-20 minute time slots for each person/family which you can book.

I take lots of pictures, edit them, and put them into an online gallery. You’re sent an email with a link, and can purchase either prints or digital downloads to print as you like.

If you don’t like any of them, you don’t have to buy any! As it’s done via an online gallery, there’s no salesperson, no hard sellling (I hate hard selling!). It’s totally up to you. And you can share the link with friends and family, who can buy any they like too.

Super easy! A great way to get just a couple of nice pictures, or try out a family photoshoot before you buy a full one. You definitely don’t get as good pictures with a shorter photoshoot (it usually takes a good 20 mins to warm up!) but it’s a great way to try it out.

So how much do prints cost?

Prices vary depending on what you want. There’s all sorts to suit every budget. From a couple of pounds for a print (the cheapest is £3), up to hundreds of pounds for gigantic canvasses!

You an also buy Digital versions of the pictures to download/print yourself.

These are priced at £5 for a Facebook sized pic (great for sharing online but won’t do good prints) or £25 for a high resolution version (which is perfect for nice prints!).

Digital versions are more expensive than prints, because once you’ve paid for the file, you could print as many as you like. Some of the big studios charge £50-100 per digital version because of this. Ouch!

If you’re printing them yourself, I highly recommend only getting good quality prints if you go for this option though - supermarket photo printing always produces results that never look as good. The colours never look the same. Use a good quality photo printing service or ideally a fine art printing service. It’s slightly more expensive but they look so much better.

So when is this happening?

The first of these sessions is happening on Friday 12th April 2019 at Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol. And if successful, I’ll add more dates in both Bristol and Torbay.

It’s open to anyone, not just family Photoshoots. Whether you’re a whole family, a mum who wants just a pic of her child, a newly engaged couple, a blogger needing shots for Instagram, self employed needing personal branding pictures for your website or an aspiring model wanting portfolio pictures - this is open to anyone.

I know that Fridays are no good for families who work weekdays and have kids at school, but my Saturdays and Sundays are usually saved for the clients paying for the full shoots. Hopefully it will suit some, especially if I do further dates in school holidays (we’ll see how this goes first). Blaise Castle is a great location, because there are toilets, a cafe and park, and it’s full of great spots to take a variety of pictures.

Special offer for those who missed out in the Mother’s Day Competition

I was so moved by the comments from mums on my page. So many of you feel the same as I did (see my other blog about More Mums In Photos!) and I wish I could do free Photoshoots for everyone. That Wouldn’t pay my bills though. So I’ve decided that if any of the lovely mums who entered the competition book onto this, each of them will get one free Facebook sized pic from the photoshoot, so you each have at least one nice picture of you with your kid(s)!

How Do I Sign Up?

Just get in touch to find out what time slots are available. You can eat in touch via my website, Facebook page, Instagram or email

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