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Featuring a Local Business each day on my Instagram Profile

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

From now until Small Business Saturday (5th Dec), I’m going to be featuring a business a day from the local area, to help some of these small businesses get some exposure.

Here we go again... I’m going to bang on about supporting small businesses. Again.

Today I was in the car, and on the radio (which my husband had changed from a music channel to bloody LBC) I heard an alarming stat.

When we had the last lockdown, out of all the businesses that had to close their doors, 24% stayed closed when businesses were allowed to reopen again. We lost 24% of those businesses. That’s huge!

That’s a lot of jobs gone. A lot of shops empty (and a lot of people bitching about how shit their local high street looks because of all the empty shops and it must be the council’s fault).

And here we are, in another lockdown, just in the run up to Christmas. And on the radio they pointed out that this time it was likely to be even worse. All those businesses who had bought in stock ready for the Xmas Shopping everyone would be doing. That would have been me if I’d still had my fancy dress shop. And I would have been joining those empty shops.

So being the proactive sort, I’m going to do what I can to encourage people to buy from local businesses this Christmas. Particularly ones that have been screwed by lockdowns.

I know that not everything can be bought locally. None of the small independents near me stick a bloody Gecko from PJ Masks that my daughter is so keen on for Xmas. But there are things I can buy.

(speaking of which, I’m still in the hunt for personalised money boxes for my kids if anyone knows someone local? If not, Etsy is my friend).

So each day this week, I’ll be sharing a local business that you could buy an Xmas Gift from, to showcase what great products and businesses we have locally. they’ll be shared in my Instagram and Facebook stories. Links to those pages are below.

I’ll also be seeking nominations for businesses to feature, so if you know of a great Torbay based business you’d like to see supported, let me know!

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