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Business Tips Live!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Starting this week, I'm running a series of Instagram Live sessions, sharing Business Tips, alongside some awesome and very knowledgeable speakers.

I work with lots of businesses on their photography and marketing, and I hear the same things over and over again from the wonderful businesses I work with (which was the inspiration for doing this series). Not everyone studies Business Studies, or Marketing, or anything like that before starting their business. And you're not expected to know how to do everything.

You know how to do the thing you sell, or make, or service you provide. And you know that well. Everything else? That's just stuff you learn over time.

So I hope this series is going to be useful.

Coming up, we have:

Wednesday 5th May at 7.30

Little old me, introducing the series, and sharing my own Top Tips (well, a selection of tips not covered by the others!)

Wednesday 12th May at 7.15

Chat with Social Media Consultant Dan Bull about social media for your business

Wednesday 19th

Maddy Shine, the SEO Queen, will be sharing her top tips for getting found by Google

Wednesday 26th

A talk with Tori Elliott, a fantastic local designer about Branding

Wednesday 2nd June

Jules Roberts, who is a Social Media PA and builds websites will be talking about maximizing your digital presence.

I can't wait to get started doing these, and I'm hoping to learn a few things too!

Be sure to follow my Instagram page so you get news and alerts about these Live sessions. And to view, just jump on Instagram on the right day, at the right time, or watch afterwards on 'catch up' by clicking on my Instagram TV tab on my profile.

Hope to see you there!

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