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What the hell do I know about taking brand pictures?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I'm both a family photographer AND commercial photographer, which you'd think don't really go together. But actually, I work with a lot of Mums In Business, so in actual fact, they very much do!

But which one is my passion? Which am I best at?

I actually come from a marketing background. I studied it along with photography and media at Uni, then I made a career out of it for ten years. But working for agencies or in that sector generally doesn’t suit a young family. The hours can be long, the travel to and from London and various places for meetings just doesn't work when you have small kids. It just wasn’t going to work once I settled down and decided to have a family.

But I learnt so much while I worked in marketing. I launched whole brands, products and websites. I worked with huge international corporations and small independents. I worked on websites, social media campaigns, billboards, tv ads, direct mail campaigns and email campaigns. I loved it. I suited me perfectly. Lots of new projects to sink my teeth into on a regular basis.

So I have plenty of experience in knowing what images really help to elevate a business and capture the attention of their ideal customer. It's something that gives me a real buzz! And I'

m really enjoying working with businesses again. Planning what kind of images will work well with their marketing strategy (or helping with their marketing strategy and planning images for that!).

So although I started off working as a family photographer just after my first child was born, I found myself totally drawn back into my old life and producing images for businesses to use in their marketing. I'm still super passionate about family photography too, being a mum to two small children myself. So I find myself working mostly with other mums in business. That is what I'm passionate about. I understand because I am one, and I know I can really help and add value.

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