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Guest Blog - Nicola from Rustic Love and Treat Yo'Self talks about working with me

Hi, I’m Nicola and have 2 small businesses based in Torquay - Rustic Love wedding hire and Treat Yo’self GB gift box company. I have been working with Fran on SEO for my business, I’m currently midway through her course DIY your website marketing which I would recommend to anyone who does their own website themselves. I’ve learnt so much about SEO and marketing and have seen great results so far by implementing what Fran has been teaching me in the course.

Anyway, I first met Fran when I booked on to one of her mini brand shoots. Like most small businesses I don’t have a great deal of spare cash to spend on marketing and branding. So I jumped at the opportunity to have a mini brand shoot. She ran sessions for local businesses based at Oldway Mansion. I booked a slot and we walked around the grounds, taking photos and talking all the way

I was initially apprehensive because I hate having my photo take. Fran however immediately put me at ease and coached me how to pose naturally infront of the camera. This involved lots of jokes, fake laughter and a bit of swearing, which actually turned out to be a lot fun.

Now I have a great set of professional photos of myself that I’m happy to share on social media, my website or send for press releases. It definitely helps my brand look more professional.

I was so happy with my own photos I then booked Fran to take some product photos for my other business Treat Yo’self. I make and curate ethical gifts by sourcing products from local suppliers.

Good product photos are key for good sales! So I gave Fran my boxes and she styled and photographed them. The product photographs appear in my Etsy shop, website, and social media pages.

Fran took pictures of the whole boxes and individual ones and they are just perfect.

I have no doubt that the photos have played a part in the mum and baby box and kid wedding activity bag become 2 of my best sellers

Fran styled the products too to show how they would look being used in a real life situation. I love this one of a little guest playing with the wedding activities.

I now have a set of images that I’m proud to put out into the public and they have definitely elevated my business branding to the next level.

I recommend getting in touch with Fran Minifie Photography if you need any help with your small business, she’s been an absolute lifesaver to me! Thanks Fran for all your help x

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