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Taking bookings again

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

According to government guidelines, Photography studios can re-open from Monday 15th June.

This is great news for photographers everywhere. Many are already back to work shooting on location and offering doorstep Photoshoots, but this adds another opportunity for all those self employed photographers (most are self employed) to get back to work. Hurrah!

In line with this, I will be starting to take bookings again, but only location Photoshoots. My studio set up is a mobile one, which I bring to people’s homes and doesn’t really work within the current guidelines, but being summertime, it’s great to get outdoors for Photoshoots anyway! We’ve got some wonderful outdoor photoshoot locations here in Torbay so when the weather gets better again, why not make the most of it? Socially distanced of course.

I can take bookings in evenings and at weekends for the time being (and with the wonderful summer evenings it’s gorgeous light for evening Photoshoots). Home studio set ups will need to wait for a later date.

Unfortunately as childcare is still an issue, I will only be able to take limited bookings for the coming months. Nursery places are prioritised for key workers and I sadly can’t make use of the family babysitters under the current guidelines, so my hours (both for actual shoots and editing time) need to be worked around my husband’s schedule until restrictions are lifted further. But I will do what I can to book you in!

I can also do product photography in my home studio, which I have already started. Items can be delivered to me at home, or I can collect them, photograph them, and return them afterwards. This week I have a bunch of products from EasyTots to photograph which arrived in the post over the weekend. Perfect work for social distancing!

But altogether great news! And quite nice for me to gently get back into the swing of things after maternity leave.

So if you would like to discuss a photoshoot, please do get in touch.

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