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Personal Brand Photoshoots - it’s all about Content, content CONTENT!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Even if you’re new to promoting yourself on social media, you’ll no doubt have heard it.

Content is king.

Yes yes yes. You know it, you have to post on social media regularly. Consistently. With a picture. And with plenty to say.

Great. But what? It’s fine at first. But then you get totally stuck. Running out of things to say. Like going on a blind date with someone who’s got bugger all to say for themselves and you have to fill the silence yourself.

It's an endless list of things you need to be doing. You have to keep it consistent. On brand. Politically correct or politically neutral. And be real. Real life... but not too real. Be inoffensive. Be interesting. Encourage engagement. Encourage people to buy/want what you are doing/offering/selling. It's an endless list of what you ‘should’ include in this ‘content’ that you don’t have time to produce in the first place, let alone while making it interesting, relevant and all the other things you ‘should’ be doing.

And who needs content? Is it just bloggers and influencers? No! Because in this age of social media marketing, every business needs a social media presence. Not only to show your product/service, but to show behind the scenes, share news and special offers. The ‘person’ behind the brand. You’ve got to be on social media and you've got to be active.

And so.... personal brand Photoshoots became a thing. A big thing. They exploded in popularity because they give us poor sods with our small businesses and massive to do lists a nice little library of ‘content’ to dip into, ready and waiting, rather than attempting to do a daily mini photoshoot yourself, or digging through all your pictures on your phone to find something that’ll work because you’re too busy (and too much of a mess) to sort out some new content to post today... and you haven’t done it for days... and.... oh shit. Social media fail.

So what does a Personal Brand Photoshoot do to help?

Well, firstly it gives you a nice little library of pictures in a handy little folder ready and waiting to dip into whenever you need something to post on social media. It might be a month’s supply, it might be three months worth... more, less. Whatever you need can be arranged. Ready to roll.

And the image library is handy for your website (if you have one).

Got a profile on Linkedin but your profile pic is you on holiday with a massive cocktail in your hand? Doesn’t look quite right really.

Ever had a newspaper or magazine wanting to run a piece about you/your business and needed a picture to run alongside, but the only decent recent image you have was taken on holiday/night out and you need to chop off the person stood next to you? Not really the look you’re going for.

A picture can say a thousand words. First impressions count. Sayings, cliches... but they are true.

So how can I help?

I work with you to tailor a personal brand shoot

to suit your business and your style, and where you need to use the images. I make sure we include images that can be used everywhere. I’ve had a career in marketing prior to moving into photography. I’ve launched businesses, run businesses, managed social media campaigns and created websites, so I’ve got a fair idea of what would be useful if you’re not sure. And in the end, providing you with that handy little folder of suitable content at your fingertips! Ideal!

Before a personal brand shoot we have a little consultation (preferably in person but it can be on the phone or via zoom) to discuss your needs. I research you and your business beforehand so I have a good idea what you need, and we plan the shoot to produce the right images, and the number you need to keep you going for as long as you need. There is even the option to book a year’s worth of Photoshoots (like a subscription!) to keep that folder of images topped up with new and relevant content so you never run out if that is what you need.

To find out what might be right for you and what I might be able to do to help, give me a shout for a quick chat. Enquiries cost nothing.

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