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My last day in Bristol

My last day living in Bristol! 😱 Tonight we’ll be driving down to Torquay, Devon to start a new life.

It doesn’t feel like it’s actually happening, or that I’m actually leaving after living here for nearly 13 years.

We’ve had an amazing, crazy time here. Brilliant friends, bbq’s, pole dancing (I used to do pole dancing for fitness), shows, competitions, Photoshoots, fancy dress (there’s a lot of that!), mad jobs (me, not the Husband), lots of drinking, laughing, eating, Christmas dinners, house renovating, business building, doggy walks, getting married, becoming parents and slightly growing up. Ish.

It’s been the best time of my life, and I’ve met the best people in the world, who I love with all my heart.

And leaving this house is going to be emotional. We put our heart and soul into this place, and it’s where we brought our baby home. So many important memories.

Didn’t really know what else to say, because it all doesn’t really seem real.

I’ll miss Bristol (absolutely!) and I’ll be back for visits And work hopefully! But now it’s time to head back home to Torquay in Devon where it all started for us, but with our own little family - so they can grow up by the sea like we did, surrounded by family.

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