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Life After Lockdown - getting back to shooting

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

There’s talk now about lifting the lockdown rules over the coming months, and getting businesses back up and running again, so I’ve been thinking about the best way to approach getting back to doing Photoshoots.

Several studios are promising to deep clean between Photoshoots, which is great, but mine is a mobile set up. So unless I clean it at the client’s house before a pack it away in it’s storage bags, it’s not really a solution for me.

I think, for the coming months at least, I’ll be doing location shoots Only (no studio set ups!). It makes sense and we’ve all been locked in too long anyway. It’ll be great to get out and about, and with the summer on it’s way, the weather is less likely to get in the way. It’s been so lovely recently too! Plus I prefer them! And here’s why:

1) You get a better variety of backdrops. instead of boring studio white, or black, or whichever colour backdrops, you’ve got trees, grass, the sea, the sky, rocks, cliffs, urban landscapes... the list goes on.

2) The results look more natural. Put anyone in front of studio lights, and they instantly behave differently. Unsurprising as it’s very artificial. People still behave differently anyway when a camera is pointed at them, but in a park or on a beach there’s plenty to distract you from the camera.

3) Natural light. I prefer working with natural light. No messing with wires, bulbs, flashing. Just a constant light.

4) More space - even if I used a big church hall for my studio set up, I don’t have a gigantic backdrop to match. That kind of thing needs to be built in to a permanent set up (great to have but expensive and not needed 80% of the time). Outdoors we can get pictures of bigger groups, or kids running and playing without the need for a massive studio.

5) It’s more fun. I promise. I spent years Doing Photoshoots in studios and outdoors so have lots of experience with both. Lots of people seem to find studios exciting. Well, the idea of them. But they really aren’t. After the initial novelty factor of some bleeping flashing lights and a blank background, that’s all it really is - a big blank space with not much to do, so it’s great at first but gets boring for the people in front of the camera very quickly. I tend to keep

studio shoots fairly short but outdoors ones are so easy to overrun!

So that’s the plan. Location shoots only when I’m up and running again. If anyone has their heart set on a studio shoot, I’m happy to discuss ways we can achieve a similar look without a studio. It’s easy enough!

Lots of photographers across the country are starting up ‘doorstop Photoshoots’ which sounds great. I will consider doing them on a special request basis (for example, maternity shoots as you only have one time to capture that!) but for now I’m not actively marketing them. I think for me, most Photoshoots are still non-essential. Plus with no nursery I’m on sole child duty while their Dad is at work all week. If anyone has any questions about getting a shoot organised with me in the future, please get in touch. I’m still here for a chat!

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