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I’ve been quiet because....

I’ve been a bit quiet for a the last few months. I’ve still been busy taking pictures but with so much going on outside of Photography, posting to social media went a bit further down the priority list!

We put our house on the market in March, ready for our move back down to Torquay, Devon, and it’s all been a bit crazy. Loads of viewings, so loads if keeping the house lovely and tidy (with a toddler!).

We got a buyer quickly, but just after that, I found out I was pregnant, and morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks just like it did the first time. I generally have rough pregnancies, so this is sadly normal for me. We had all sorts of visits to hospital because I kept bleeding for a few weeks in the third month (thankfully this baby still held on in there). So it’s been a rough ride, and kept me pretty busy!

As if that wasn’t enough, while all that was going on, our buyers dropped out of buying our house. We nearly lost our dream house, but got a new buyer after a flurry of viewings (and cleaning house again while trying not to puke!). So all seemed good. But then they faffed about for a month (the sod did nothing, no survey booked, no searches paid for, bugger all! Gggrrrrr), who then ‘changed his mind’ on buying our house, and this time, we really did lose the lovely house we were buying in Livermead (we are absolutely gutted). Another busy month, and another wasted month. Arrrrggghhhh!!!

All in all, it has been a HUGELY stressful time for us. So yes, social media has taken something of a backseat. But still, I’ve been working away in the background. Photographing some lovely families, working on my stock photography portfolio, taking pictures of dogs (yay!). And packing (booooooo).

But the house is back on the market. So I’m back to cleaning constantly again, now with a sick toddler (some sort of sickness bug). It never ends. Roll on moving back home so I can have time back on my side again!

Hopefully things will get sorted soon and I can get back to having the time to post my work online and keep my blog updated, but until then, I’ll still be a bit quiet online. But I am still here, so keep the enquiries coming!

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