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How my background has led me to Boudoir Photography

This year, I’ve expanded my photography offering to include Boudoir Photography. It’s a very different genre to what I already offer (Family Photography and Photography for Businesses), but it’s not a random decision. It’s a genre close to my heart, and a background working in the Adult Industry has given me a great foundation for it.


So what experience is this that I speak of?

Throughout my 20’s, while working away on my marketing career, I had a side income working as a Model (don’t laugh!). I mostly worked on commercial stuff (stock photography, adverts, being a model for camera clubs and photographer portfolios etc got me a nice little side income) and being only 5’2” and being blessed with a substantial pair of boobs meant I was often booked for Glamour work (back then, Glamour Modelling and Lads Mags were more of a thing). I appeared in a few magazines, got used for a couple of book images, that kind of thing (and some really crazy shoots for the photographers who wanted to experiment for their portfolios!). I also ran a networking organisation in Bristol for Models, Photographers and Make-Up Artists, and worked with others in the industry to organise and run large charity group shoots (it was big enough that we got a huge spread about our community and what we were achieving in Photo Pro Magazine).

Part way into my marketing career, I got a job as a Product Marketing Manager for an Adult Entertainment Company called All Night Media, who specialised in running mobile sites selling adult content for big companies like Orange and T-Mobile (as they were known back then, now EE) and Vodafone, for Nuts Magazine (remember that??) and we had contracts with the likes of Spearmint Rhino and Playboy.

My previous experience meant I was more experienced in the industry that most other people working in marketing, and I was ok with the subject matter (many people wouldn’t want to work around that industry, but honestly, it was great fun!).

In that job I was organising large scale photo and video shoots for content, working out what content was selling best, what content we need for different products, training people who submitted content to our User Generated Services in how create decent, bestselling content (some of the products I ran were like OnlyFans… waaaaay before OnlyFans was a even thing as it was back in 2008-2013).


And how does this experience help?

Firstly, I know what it’s like to be in front of the camera (while wearing very little). And trying to pose. I’ve been there, I’ve done it. I know what works and what doesn’t, and I know how hard it is to keep a pose (and honestly, some poses look like they’ll be easy but they can be hard to hold!).

I’ve been a part of so many photoshoots over the years. I might not have been taking the pictures (I did photography at A-Level and a bit at Uni) but I’ve spent many years in studios experimenting with all sorts of ideas it’s given me a really broad experience.

And on top of that, I’ve seen so many many many images of women of all ages and sizes, which I can draw inspiration from. And for those who worry about their age and size (and I know many women who do) I promise you, some of our best selling content, and some of the sexiest images I’ve seen have featured bigger beautiful women (it’s a very popular genre) and older women (also a very popular genre) as well as younger women with gym perfect bodies.

I’ve also seen more explicit content than most people have (teenage boys with unrestricted mobile phones have nothing on me!) so nothing shocks or surprises me. Any level of nudity feels quite ‘every day’ to me so I feel completely and utterly comfortable working with people at Boudoir Photography levels.


And how did this develop into offering Boudoir Photography?

I suppose first and foremost, I wanted a creative outlet. Something like my ‘old life’ (in the same way as photographing businesses gives me a taste of my old marketing life).

But more importantly (and especially since I got older and lost a huge part of myself when I had kids) I firmly believe it’s important to celebrate yourself and remember that you are beautiful just as you are. It can be really hard to see that (especially after having children) and Boudoir Photography is a great way to remember that. It’s a way to be unapologetically you, to feel special, to feel sexy and to feel empowered.

And the pictures are for you. You can keep them hidden and just for you, you can share them with a loved one or you can share them with the world! It’s up to you.

If you think you might like to try a Boudoir Photoshoot, please do get in touch. I offer Boudoir shoots in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home, or sometimes I host Boudoir Shoot days at selected venues which are more like taster sessions (these are often cheaper).

I have a Boudoir Shoot Day coming up on Saturday 18th May at Devon Pole Dance in Torquay and there are a couple of spaces left. Sessions are available from only £40 and there are 3 packages to choose from (I’ll also be including the option for Pole Dance pictures too that day, so if you are also a keen pole dancer you can get the best of both worlds).

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