My 5 Business Tips

To go along with my Business Tips Live session this week, I thought it would be useful to write up the Tips I've shared in a Blog, so they can be read later too.

So just a quick reminder what this is all about first, over the coming weeks, I'm hosting Business Tips Live sessions on my Instagram profile, along with a number of knowledgeable speakers:

Weds 5th May at 7.30pm - Me, talking about General Tips from my own experience.

Weds 12th May at 7.15pm - Dan Bull talking about Social Media

Weds 19th May at 7.30 - Maddy Shine talking about getting found by google (SEO)

Weds 26th May at 7.30 - Tori Elliot talking about Brand

Weds 2nd June at 7.30 - Jules Roberts talking about Maximising your Digital Presence

But first, we're starting with me and my Tips. Thought I'd share a few of the things I've learnt over the years to get the ball rolling.

So before I became a photographer, I worked in Marketing for YEARS. In a marketing agency and in the marketing department for businesses (sometimes I WAS the marketing department because they were very small businesses). I also had my own retail and eCommerce business for a few years (selling via my own website, plus Amazon and eBay shops). I did things right... I did things wrong. And I learnt a LOT.

Since becoming a photographer, I started working with a lot of businesses, including lots of start ups and young businesses (and plenty that have been running for years). And I work as a marketing consultant on the side. And I hear the same questions, and problems, over and over again from those I'm helping, which was the inspiration behind this series.

So the speakers who are joining each week are going to be covering lots of the tips I wanted to share, so I thought I'd start with some more general tips. The Admin tips.

So let's go.....

Tip 1 - DO THE FUCKING WORK! All of it.

Something I hear a lot is how surprised people are with how much work running you own business is. Lots seem to think you just get a name and a logo start posting on Instagram, invite some friends to follow you and sit back and wait for the sales/bookings.

Then wonder what the hell to do next when that doesn't work.

Running a business involves so much more. And I know that many of you reading this will know that already. But over the last year there have been so many people on furlough, or made redundant, who have started businesses, turned hobbies into a 'side hustle', and they are usually the ones who are taken by surprise (and sometimes, sadly, give up, because they don't know what to do next).

You wear a lot of hats as a small business owner. You are often:


Marketing Manager

Book Keeper

Sales person

Warehouse staff


HR Department


...... and so many more!

And the reason these roles exist in a business is because they need to be done. And they are often invisible to anyone outside of the business as generally they all happen behind the scenes.

And they all need to happen for your business to work, whether you do them yourself, or you outsource them.

And if you want to get customers/clients/sales/bookings.... whatever it might be... you will need to work on your marketing. Your Website. Your Social Media. You'll need to keep an eye on those numbers. Those costs. That ROI.

And Plan.

And I hate to say it (in a world full of Instagram Memes promising that if you 'Manifest' it, it will happen), but you can sit there 'Manifesting' until the cows come home. Unless you do the actual work, no amount of manifesting is going to bring money into your business and make it a success. Hard work, making mistakes, learning from them. The marketing you do, the product you provide, that's what is going to bring the money in.