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Amy and Lincoln (Mummy and Me/Maternity photoshoot)

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

One great thing about this maternity leave is having a chance to catch up on some of the pictures I’ve been meaning to take of my own family (as well as other things!).

Last week I took pictures of my very pregnant sister-in-law Amy and my gorgeous nephew Lincoln. It was a bit of a mix of a Child Portrait/Mummy & Me/Maternity Photoshoot. Amy’s last chance to get done maternity photos done, and a last little celebration of her and her son before the new baby arrives in the next couple of weeks. Something I wish I’d done a couple of months back before I had my son as a last celebration of me and Edie being just the two of us.

It was also a chance for me to practise with that new kit I bought, and get some pictures of my own family - something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time! With me in Bristol for so long, then when I moved down too pregnant and uncomfortable to bother, it’s time to get that ticked off my list!

We didn’t shoot for long. Little ones like Linc struggle as they have rather short attention spans, so the photoshoot started with him on his own, then the two together, then we gave Linc a break and did Amy’s Maternity ones. Then he got Linc back for some more.

During the shoot, he appeared with a baby doll from my daughter’s toys and handed it to his mum. No direction, just appeared with it. The outtake is just perfect and it makes a perfect pic with that bump! Sadly he was standing off the back drop, so it’ll need w bit of photoshopping to look decent. A task for another day.

So here we have it. Some pictures of this gorgeous pair taken using my mobile studio. Something for them to treasure. Amy’s already said her family are dying to get their hands on them to have some printed. And I have the first of the collection for the photo gallery to decorate my new hallway. Brilliant! Just got to get the rest if the family photographed now before I start taking regular bookings again.

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