Hello! I'm Fran, and I'm a Family Photographer in Torbay, specialising in family photoshoots, baby portraits and maternity photoshoots. 

Being a mum with a passion for portraiture, it was natural to become a family photographer. But I enjoy taking pictures of all sorts of people - from serious corporate photography to crazy performers and actors head shots. And pets (they’re people too, right?).

I'm based in Paignton, South Devon, but cover the whole of Torquay and the rest of Torbay, doing family photoshoots mostly, but I also do all kinds of other photography genres.

Natural Family Photography


My style is very informal. I prefer a more documentary style, but I understand that a lot of people freeze in front of the camera, so I guide you through the shoot where needed to make sure you get a great selection of images.

My aim is to get a range of natural lovely images of a great day out. On a family photoshoot I love to capture kids laughing and being themselves (so prepare for awful jokes, silly games and some sillier noises!). 

Studio Photoshoots


I mostly prefer to work on location - pictures in a park or at the beach just look more natural, and are a bit more interesting than a studio (plain white backgrounds can be a bit boring), but I do have a studio set up for when it's needed and it's a great alternative when the weather is rubbish! It's a mobile set up which I bring to your home or a rented space. It's east, convenient and without the overheads of a permanent studio to run, I can keep my prices low.

Easy Pricing (and no hard sell!)


I've always hatred the 'hard sell' or the high street studios. I get it (we're here to make a living from taking pictures) but it's just not my style. I tried selling timeshare for a little while after university but I was rubbish at it. I just hated hard sales. It's not me. So I do not do the same with my business. You receive a link to an online gallery and you just pick the images you want. If you have a package and want to upgrade to get more images, great! 

Book a Portrait Photoshoot


If you need family portraits in Torquay or Paignton and this is the kind of photography session that sounds like it’s for you, check out my galleries and blog posts to get an idea of the results you can expect, and any questions, please get in touch! 

Personal Brand and Photography for Businesses 


I don't just take pictures of families! I undertake all sorts of photography work, but I particularly enjoy working with businesses and Brands to get images for their websites, social media and 'Personal Brand' photography. It also works hand in hand with my Marketing Consultancy work. If you would like to know more about how I can help you with this, please get in touch.

Marketing Consultant Services

For most of my career BC (before children) I worked in marketing. I do still undertake some marketing consultancy alongside my photography work - mostly working with small businesses, and helping them to get online, on social media and found by customers.