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Just launched - my new dedicated Personal Brand Photography Instagram account

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I’ve been doing Personal Brand Photoshoots for over a year now, but had a bit of a break while I had my second baby... followed by the forced break of Covid19.

Now I’m getting back into it and launching a dedicated Instagram account to match. Aimed at entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners, MLM peeps, it’ll include examples of my work, blogs, hints and tips - all sorts!

I come from a marketing background. Before having my kids and changing my career to photography, I worked in marketing - both in agencies and client side. I worked with huge brands including Coca Cola, The Open University, Betfair, Camelot, Bauer Media (Nuts magazine), Playboy to name just a few.

I then started my own business (it was a fancy dress company) which I loved! I wanted to market my own brand, my own business. My favourite thing when I worked in marketing was launching new products and brands, new websites, new social media accounts... I loved it. And setting up my business was doing all this... for myself!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve got two small kids and moved back to my hometown in Devon. I don’t have the fancy dress business anymore, but I have a new career. Still working for myself, still marketing, but in a way that works with my beautiful little family. And I get to be involved in all the most fun elements of businesses! Taking the right pictures for their brand while doing something that was originally a much loved hobby. Perfect!

So head over to my new Instagram account if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur, blogger, or anyone else that might benefit from Personal Brand Photography and follow me! Hopefully I can help you get some great images for your personal brand.

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