Halloween Shoot with

The Little Wellness Company

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone there and getting gorgeous photos of your little ones. But before I do, I just want to run through some boring COVID bits (I know, we're all bored of it!) and get your details so I don't have to worry about it on the day.

Covid Guidelines for the Photos

I'll be following Leigh's rules for the event, as with it being a baby event, it's those guidelines we have to follow. But I'll have to add my own additional rules for the photo bits. 

If everyone could bring a blanket for their babies to sit/lay on, that would be lovely. It saves me bringing a big pile of them with me so each baby can have a fresh unused one. I recommend a plain white or light coloured one where possible (and if it's one that's special to you, even better as it'll be in the photos!).

I'll be bringing a few props along, and anything the babies touch that I supply will be sanitised between use or will be a single use item.

As much as I would LOVE to snuggle every baby, I won't be able to touch any of them. I'll (sadly) have to keep my distance throughout the event. This means that it will have to be up to you lovely mums to position your little ones for the photos (with my instructions of course!). You'll have to be within arms reach of your little ones the whole time, and you will be responsible for their safety.


I will be taking pictures from a safe distance. Pre Covid I could get up close and could help grab little crawlers as they made a break for it, or help position wrigglers, but I sadly can't while this pandemic is on. But don't worry! My trusty zoom lens will help me capture some great pictures. I just can't be hands on as I'm used to being.

I would usually ask everyone to fill in a little form each with your contact details etc, so I can send you all the photos easily, but to save time, hand sanitiser and messing with trying to make it Covid-free, I thought the easiest way would be to do it online before the event. So please fill in your details below. This WILL NOT sign you up to any newsletters, marketing or promotions etc. It is simply to facilitate getting your pictures to you (but if you'd like to receive special offers in the future, scroll to the bottom of this page where you can sign up for some!).

Social Media Image Use

I would love to be able to share pictures from this event on my facebook and instagram pages. But I like to check with people that it's ok first. 

As you can imagine, before booking me, most mums check out my instagram and facebook pages (I'm sure many of you had a look at mine before this event too). And the only way I can keep showing recent examples is by getting a few people to agree to letting me share their pictures. 

So I'm trying something new with this shoot - I'm offering an extra 5% off all orders where I am able to share pictures from the shoot on my social media pages.

If you would like to qualify for this discount, please tick the box on the form below.

Thank You!

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